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Mosquito Squad Barrier Spray: Mosquito Protection for 21 days

One professional fogging helps protect your family from the nuisance and danger of mosquitoes for 21 days. The spray kills adult mosquitoes (as well as ticks) on contact. Then, as incoming mosquitoes attempt to feed off your greenery, the residue on the leaves knocks these newcomers dead, too.

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Enjoy attentive professional service

Service is automatic, with uniformed professionals spraying your property from backpack-mounted fogging systems every 21 days. Most yards can be treated in about 15 minutes. Family and pets can safely return to the yard 30 minutes after treatment. There should be no offensive odor at that time.

We remind you in advance of an upcoming service, giving you plenty of time to accommodate our visit, or plan for our visit. You needn’t be home for application. We’ll leave a courtesy card notifying you your treatment was completed successfully.

Protect children and pets from mosquito-borne disease.

Children and pets are at increased risk from insect-borne disease. One reason is that they tend to spend more time outdoors, where exposure is greatest. In fact, two-thirds of all Rocky Mountain spotted fever cases occur in children under 15. Plus, mosquito-borne disease is more likely to be life threatening to these vulnerable groups in particular. Encephalitis, especially, is more likely to be fatal or permanently debilitating to the very young and the very old. And heartworm is deadly to dogs.

Regular treatment by Mosquito Squad helps protect your family and pets from these dangers in your own backyard. Yet even with precautions, you can never be 100% protected from mosquito-borne disease. However, early detection can help minimize the effects of these diseases. Familiarizing yourself with our detailed lists of early symptoms of encephalitis and West Nile virus can make all the difference.

Solutions registered by the Environmental Protection Agency

Mosquito Squad adheres to all local, state and federal licensing guidelines and utilizes pest-control solutions that have been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While an array of formulations is available for specific situations, the active ingredient in our most commonly used barrier spray is a synthetic reproduction of a substance derived from chrysanthemums. This same basic ingredient can be found in a variety of household products including some used to treat scabies and lice (though its ability to effectively kill lice has been questioned).

The solution will take down any adult mosquitoes (as well as ticks) that encounter the spray. Under typical conditions, the solution will dry in 30 minutes posing a negligible chance of transferring to people or animals that brush against the vegetation. However, for the next 21 days, the dried residue should continue to kill mosquitoes that feed on the shrubbery.

Special care is taken to prevent hurting beneficial pollinators such as honeybees. For instance, our trained Mosquito Squad professionals avoid spraying blossoms where bees gather nectar and pollen.

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